See I do write in here it happens sometimes. So going back to my weekend, I decided it would be a lovely idea to chaperone the High School Science Olympiad Team to their state competition in Marietta @ Southern Polytechnic or however or whatever that place is called.  I didn’t think the trip would be all that bad.  I mean seriously how hard is it to actually help out on one of these trips.  These are words I regret saying.  Sure it was a fun trip, but there is a little more to it than just sitting there making sure those children actually do what they need to do.  Not all but some didn’t have the best concepts of time.  I remember I had taken a group to go watch the new SumoBots competition, which if anyone remembers Robot Wars on TechTV from back in the day, it is similar… minus the flame throwers…. Anyhow I had taken this group of kids to go watch so they could get a better understanding of it for possibly next year, or just for the sheer enjoyment of watching homemade robots attempt to push each other out of a square. Once I get there and find a good place to stand…. Ring ring, goes my cellphone…  It’s another student… “I forgot my goggles…. will you get me some?” I’m halfway across campus it’s starting to rain… I have no umbrella. Reluctantly I jog back to our home base and grab some goggles and along the way the phone buzzes again… “Oh yea, and we need calculators too.” UGHHHHHH So I get to the room, and I had been using the speakers in the room to play easy listening music softly, I walk up the stairs and while walking I hear hip-hop music blaring. I’m praying it isn’t coming from our room, but much to my dismay it was.  At this point i’m trying to think of the logic going through the heads of these kids.  You are at a school function, you are surrounded by other teams from different schools, every 5-10 seconds I can hear “bitch, ho, and fuck.” I want to yell and bitch, but instead I just pull that student’s iPod out of the plug hand it back to him and explain how we could potentially get disqualified for that.  Amazingly enough he sincerely apologized for it, which was all I wanted from him.  I then asked him if he had all his stuff done for his event (helicopters) which they were ready, but I guess due to the impromptu concert they had had in the room in my absence they seem to have lost track of time… It’s pouring rain outside, we have a balsa wood and paper helicopter, the event starts in 10 minutes, and the building is a mile away from home base. I said grab your things and come with me now.  I got him and his partners to run through the rain with me.  I didn’t say a word to them except that they should have been their earlier instead of jamming out.  We can do that if we win as a reward. Overall the team performed average.  I didn’t see a lot of motivation to learn the knowledge events in the students. It seemed to me that a lack of studying was present.  Now I’m not saying they didn’t look into it at all, but I know a lot more preparation could have been done for this.  Even when I was a student and did these events people preferred to go out and hangout with friends instead of study the materials that were required of them.  What can you do though.  You can’t force them to do it, they have to want it on their own.

Now for you Trace, they had two sounds of music instruments… A xylephone and a panflute. Wooo yea exciting I know…. Anyway the trip overall was a learning experience for me and those kids as well. Dr. Tyson Harty, and Greg Holder were the other two folks there helping on the trip, + our bus driver miss banks.  12 hours of my life I spent on these students, and I was cool with that.  Like I said i can walk away from this with new knowledge on behavior of highschool students from a more adult perspective. It was interesting.

So on the way home there was an accident on I-75 and I may upload some video footage I shot on my flip cam to show this guy, but this guy probably high out of his mind was riding down the emergency lane in their “hoodrich gangsta cruiser” the semi trucks blocked offthe lanes and were chattering away on their CB’s you could tell since they were all putting half their trucks in the emergency lanes to prevent idiots from using them. This one guy in a truck straight up went off roading and almost flipped it to.  I almost wish he had just to show how patience really is a virtue.

Well, mainly I wanted to rant about this trip right quick and maybe later today I’ll right about my 40 hour awake experience that happened on monday/tuesday!!


Here I sit on the floor of my bedroom from my childhood.  I look around to see not much has changed in here really much since 2006.  Which the more I think about and ponder all the conversations I’ve had with my friends and fellow students about how when they go home they find that their rooms have been stripped and replaced with an office, rec room, or maybe a library. Whatever changes took place in these other homes has yet to happen here. Is it because I come home a lot? Is it because I have very strong feelings attached to the room and it’s present condition? Or is it just my parents have no idea what should be done with the room?  Whatever the reason I’m glad it has retained it’s homeliness over the years.  I am always able to slide back here and reminisce on the days of old, when I used to be in high school and this room, my sanctuary, my place I could be by myself and not worry of the cares of the outside world.  The effect from it has weakened a bit, but it still gives me that sense of security and serenity it has always provided.

Back to my laying on the floor, I am trying to write a philosophy paper, but it is proving a lot more difficult than I wish it would.  I can write a good paper, it’s just about the comprehension of the material.  I just don’t feel if I understand it 100% I will write correctly.  I just can’t deal with the thought of that 1% chance I’m wrong… It’s all or nothing for me thank you!  The music I am listening to is the soundtrack to a game series I used to play on my PlayStation.  If you know me well enough you know the games.  How many of you exist out there??? Hint: the company was a compound word and the second of two words being “soft”.

I keep thinking I just want to get this paper done, but I just don’t want to read all this craziness, I suppose I will be doing it at work then huh.  I probably should write more here, but I think I will slowly bring myself in to the world of dreams, a state of rest, but imaginative and creative thinking.  I hope I will have as adventurous and vivid dreams as I had last night.



A recap

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So I realize I haven’t written something here in a while, I’ve been over loaded with accomplishing time sensitive tasks, such as paying off a no license on person ticket, shipping my old phone back, paying my rent, making sure money is where it needs to be, etc.  Life has been hectic right before spring break, but that’s fine my vacation is coming soon and i’ll be down in Biloxi near the beach and the casinos.  Matt, Justin, CJ, and I believe one of Matt’s friends are going down there too.  I also messaged my friend Amanda G. and apparently she will be down there in the same hotel. How bout that?

For the past few days I have been battling an oncoming cold and so far I think I have been winning.  The symptoms started setting in on Sunday with an ever so slight sore throat.  Which progressed to a massive headache, nasty congestion, coughing, and what felt like a high temperature. I didn’t venture to try my thermometer, but I figured what was the point I know I’m sick.  So I went to Kroger on my way back getting my Volvo’s driver side window retinted.

While the window was getting redone due to a slight blemish that I didn’t like very much, I went to the BMW dealer to get some plastic retaining clips for my rear bumper which I am getting close to reattaching to the car wooooooo!!! I already swapped out the A/C blower motor in the car and now it again has near silent fan operation.  I’ve forgotten what that sounded like in the car.  It is a godsend after the old unit which sounded like the Raptor Pen from the movie Jurassic was removed and thrown across the yard in a triumphant manner.  Of course prior to this being done I compared the size of the replacement unit ($20 from junkyard or $200 new) to the Raptor Unit. They matched and away the old one went, only to be retrieved later to be set on my cart to be examined for some other future purpose.

Back to my walking adventure. I went and visited Mary-Kerstin by the volleyball courts of her apartment complex and played with her dog a bit.  There was this older gentleman watching us play with the dog. MK told me he was a bit creepy and I reluctantly agreed only to find out 5 minutes later it was the father of my friend Greg who I saw across the complex walking towards his father. Odd huh!?

Anyway, MK and I hung out for a bit longer until Rusty the hired hand at the tint place called.  She drove me to my car and we parted ways.  I then drove to Kroger to get something for my cold I had.  I spoke with the Pharmacist and she suggested I take some Claratin D, along with something to break up the mucus blah blah blahhhh. I also picked up a pack of Airborne pack.  That stuff is supposed to be Super vitamins that should help you feel better faster.  I figured why the hell not try it.  Irfan tried it and he said he felt better a lot faster.  Honestly I have no idea if that was the placebo effect taking it’s toll on him or what, or what scientific research supports the fact that it works.  Whatever the case is it made me feel better after I took it and I am due for another right now, but sadly I left them sitting on my nightstand next to my bed.

At some point after I got that medication I came home to my neighbors grilling pork chops on the grill. Colin, the one cooking them, offered me one which I graciously accepted from him.  When they were done I actually put some toast and spicy gouda cheese slices on the grill and made a sandwich. Colin saw this and opted to take the sandwich route as well.  Job well done I say! After consuming the sandwich I thought it would be best to take a nap in my work clothes.  Webster the dog decided he wanted to hangout and fell asleep next to me also.  I awoke to people talking in my house and I saw that Stephen came over and was chit-chatting with Josh and Beth in the kitchen. He was on his way to Ramsey to go workout.

After he left I got a phone call from Daniel, apparently he wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts super bad and he was on his way to get me.  I then called Brandon and asked if he would like to come with us, which he agreed to.  We then drove all over Athens and finally arrived at the KK across from the mall. Upon exiting the vehicle I looked at Poncho and we all though it, he can be the honorary Jason for the night. Inside there was a rather young attractive white girl working along with the Krispy Kreme battle hardened employees.  I thought this was funny and I made her laugh with my non traditional way of thanking people for giving me a drink.  We each ordered a dozen donuts which in retrospect was a rather silly idea, but hell I have breakfast for the morning!!! Hell yea.  When we left I put on my motorcycle helmet with smoked face shield and stared down drivers as we passed them. It was entertaining and it also aided in keeping my head warm too.

We all hung out at my house afterwards for a while, shooting the breeze, and discussing previous Krispy Kreme adventures. I will finish this later!!!

Here is a brief outline of my weekend

“Dude, shit’s bout to get done…. I’m drunk.” — Man working on car.


Finished Work

Left and came to house to change

Changed looked up bmws in junkyard

Left for atl in bmw, left volvo in deck on campus because i wanted to walk due to gorgeous day

Left for atl went to pull -a- part junkyard east for blower motor then south for bumper and found a hubcap and original bmw book

Went to see hasham, worked on his car o2 sensors, blahhh, called urf he was in atl partied with him, went back to athens at 4 am

got to athens fell asleep woke up to girls on a tour of my house… i hid under the covers

got up cleaned my room a bit took a shower

ate lunch with mark and then i got a phone call from the new xi delta pledges… i forgot our lunch date, rushed over there

had an awesome lunch with both parties

went to get gas and then to brandon’s apt he explained geoff situation to me

went to apt complex office, apparently i know someone everywhere

went to autozone for paint, wellsfargo cash for cookie, walmart and then GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!

Got back to house after dropping brandon and his lil bro off. Matt was waiting on me, we went to his house with joshs truck to get my grill back

Brandon came over and we proceded to work on his car, we found autozone gave us the wrong part.

We waited for his car to cool down and in the process sanded down my new bmw bumper and prepped it for paint.

We got to work promptly after this, eventually Nick, Jess, Ivan, and Stephen came over. They played FIFA in the house

More car work then matt came back with steaks and hummas mmmmmmmm.

MORE work followed by taking a timeout to go eat at Sweet Peppers.

came back more work then a walmart trip for tools

Oh the ppl at walmart.

Came back more work! WOOT

Brandon’s Car

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As I sit here on a small metal chair overlooking the wreckage that was once a 2000 Ford Taurus, I recall with a fond smile the tank of a vehicle I once had, and how it has fallen apart slowly over time into a sickly patient.  However, this is not a story of the decline of a car.  This is the story of a very dear friendship, the culmination of which has resulted in a friend of over 15 years scraping away at gasket residue on my old car.

This is a story of Brandon, B, Bran, Big B Drugs— and Rami, Ramstarr, Ramstur, Ramicles, Fubar.

I don’t remember when I first met Rami, honestly.  My earliest real memories are of he and I working on math together in Coach Shipman’s class in 8th grade.  But hell, I’ve known the guy since the earliest days of school.  Anyways, I digress.  So I recall some amazing, crazy memories from high school.  I remember those damn LEP classes that none of us really enjoyed.  I remember the “Great 8” in Miss Martin’s math classes, and how he, Jason, Brian, Francis, Ashley Watkins, Stephanie Bales, Chelsea, and I made such an amazing academic team.  Though I hated the bitches, those guys really were my “boys” and now that I look back on it, I couldn’t have imagined things would work out as wonderfully as they have.

I smile as I think about all of the great times.  Hours upon hours of soccer practice, even more hours of hacky sack, jammin’ out hardcore in the probe as he mean mugged random ladies on I-20.  I think Rami shot a baby with an airsoft gun once.  Things might have gotten a little out of hand here and there, I wont lie.  Rami was always one of my closest friends even then.  We would sit up late for hours talking on the phone.  I remember more than once watching the sun rise as he and I were just hanging up the phone from another long night of deep, meaningful talks about life, girls, family, whatever.  Those were great times, and he really helped me develop as a person.  I don’t think he realizes how much he helped shape who I am today, and I want to thank him deeply for this.

As we all know, no phase of life is permanent, so even though high school was outstanding, it was only 4 years, a short 4 years.

My first year of college was a trying one.  I had few friends, and though all of my closest buddies from high school were still there at UGA, I only really spent time with Jason, and even then because he was my room mate.  That year went by quickly, and I hate to say that I have very few memories from it.  However, Rami invited me to live with him the following year.  The decision to say yes changed my life yet again.

The next three years were a whirlwind of great times, great memories, and lessons that I could never do justice here on this computer.  I grew intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Rami was very influential in all of this.  He brought me back out of my shell and back into the world of extroversion.  A world of happiness and joy.  All of this, coincidentally, culminated in the most epic party that I will ever have and ever hear about.  A massive 200 person rave that managed to bring all of my friends together and we all had the most incredible time together.  It is no coincidence that this happened to be a party celebrating the birth of my very dear friend.

College, again, came to an end after a very short three years.  This past year, I have had relatively little time to spend with anyone due to work and a general attempt to figure out what I want to do with my life.  However, today as I was sitting around my house with little to do, Rami called and asked if I would help him with his car.  I came up to Athens, more to see him than anything else, but now here we are.  We have a bumper scraped clean by sandpaper and a 2000 Ford Taurus.  The cars may be broken and in need of repair, but I know that I have a friendship that is too strong to break, so we continue to fix these material objects together and smile to one another knowing that nothing could break what we have… a friendship and connection far stronger than any metal, impenetrable to the rust of time, and ready for thousands upon thousands of more miles.  Together, always and forever.

This is Brandon Taylor, B, Lil’ Bran, Big B Drugs, and whatever else you care to call me… signing off.  Thanks for reading and letting me express how important this guy is to me.  He’s my best friend.  Now let’s go put some miles on this car.

So after my philosophy class which I had managed to write a majority of my post from this morning, I walked outside and to my surprise there were lots of children playing on the front lawn.   It was like an elementary school was having a field trip or something of the sorts.  I slowly rolled by them on my bicycle closely examining them wondering what was going through their heads, and how they were perceiving us college students. Have they been exposed to pop culture and what goes on in places like UGA? Oh well I realized I needed to get to my next class quickly and after performing a quick brake adjustment on my bike I set off only to find out the brake pads are beyond safe use as I unfortunately found out going down a steep hill thank goodness it wasn’t to busy…

I dismounted the bike and continued on foot.  Being careful not to take up a crazy amount of sidewalk.  Besides being on foot and going slower allowed me to take in more of the spring sights and that I was perfectly ok with :D.  I get to the cross walk across from the PJ and LeConte hall.  I start walking across and this guy in an Acura doesn’t really look like he wants to stop. I oush my bicycle in front of him hoping he stopped which he did after hitting the brakes rather hard.  I give him a neutral expression and walk off shaking my head and laughing.  I’m not so sure he liked that very much but what did I care that guy needs to learn to stop at crosswalks.  I set my bike in the bike rack(earlier I ran up the stairs to north campus with that bike on my back, i’m getting a workout!!!) without a lock… go figure I keep forgetting to grab my bike lock from work, oh well.  I head to my new media class ready to get caught back up.  I sit down and have my polite convo with the teacher and begin work by pulling out my headphones and setting a Pandora radio station.  More wordpress creations here I come!!! I designed another wordpress site, but it is being hosted on my Dream Host server with the university.

After the class, I still hadn’t quite caught up, but hey what is the weekend for right? Haha… yea maybe it isn’t school work! I digress, I then went into the hall way to grab a table to study for my spanish oral exam.  The table I sat at my spanish teacher from the first day of this semester was there, we looked at each other for moment before I told him who I was. He said I had looked familiar and then he went upstairs to go teach.  I sat at the table and texted my partner for the exam and told him where I was.  I all this time kept doing everything except really studying…. it was probably not for the best.  When Michael finally arrived we started looking at the scenarios and coming up with a basic script for what we were gonna say. We ended up talking about my VW and we were the 2nd group signed up for the exam.  Oh well we thought, lets get this over with.  Thankfully when we pulled a topic it was one we both were pretty confident about.  We had to pretend we had just met and ask questions about what highschool was like and about our hometowns.  After this was said and done with she paused and said I have a few corrections for you guys and she promptly told us and then she said, “you both managed to have constant conversation, 95!” My jaw dropped, HELLLLLLL YEA I thought this is gangsta after the teacher walked into the class I jumped up and exclaimed this joyfully, my partner laughed and a girl looking out the window of the class laughed also.  It felt good.

We weren’t supposed to leave the class early but rather read, and I figured hell I’m just gonna go to work for a bit.  So I left and went to the bookstore to see what kinda things I had there to work on. I didn’t have much and left earlier than expected. On my way back to the TEC Services Shop I saw in front of snelling this girl and she was yelling at someone on her iPhone.  Bad breakup I thought…. Oh well life’s a bitch, you’ll figure something out. I continued down to the shop remembering I left my 15mm wrench on a desk in the back when I was working on greasing my bike wheel.  I grabbed it clocked out and promptly biked home.

I get to the house and as I had seen earlier on my phone through the amazon app, that my package had been delivered.  I loaded it in the car and took off. WOOOO motorcycle radio I went right over to my bike put it together quickly and was rather impressed with it’s performance, much better than I had thought.  After this Daniel and I went to Justins to go chill for a minute. They weren’t there when we got there so we waited on Justin’s deck.  They then arrived car by car. Jeremey, CJ, and Justin.  Jeremy, Justin’s brother, had to have surgery on his hand that day and they were just getting back from getting the vehicles from the hospital.  We hungout for a bit and then Daniel and I went Waffle House bound where we ordered wayyy to much food. Pancakes, grits, hasbrowns, eggs, toast, bacon…. wayyyy to much.  Ugh after this we went to see if DQ was open which it was not…. I then said dude I gotta have ice cream and drove to McDonalds to get a McFlurry! Mmmmm Oreo mcflurry delish!

I then went back to my house where I found Matt and Melissa in my driveway. “Well hey guys what’s up?” They got out of car and we hung out for a bit they even had Justin’s dog Mrs. Bostons.  Justin then came over and then people started parting ways and so did the neighbors they left the house in typical lets go get drunk woohoo manner it was pretty entertaining.  Justin and I eventually went out and went to a few bars where I ran into some new friends I had made last semester.  After all this I find myself back at my house writing.  But not after I had spoken to Justin about what was going on in our lives.  Then it was time for a quick convience store visit. I wanted spicy cheetos but a bag of proper proportions was not availabe I was angry and settled on hot fries, and fruit snacks….  and now ladies and gentlemen… it’s bed time…. zzzzzzzzzz

So on wednesday I did my usual thing, I had my alarm set to 730 and for a change I actually woke up instead of hitting snooze and promptly took a shower before work. Even with that time allotment I still walked in a few minutes late. Who really notices these things anyway? I walked into my office expecting to start yet another run of the mill day, but I was silly to assume such a thing. As I surveyed the office I noticed something was amiss… where were my vehicle keys… where is the cash box… where is the van???? These were the questions that plauged me.  I looked at my phone and thought… Matt Majors, what did you do!! I tried to call him, but got exactly what I thought would happen, his voicemail. Great I thought looks like I will just drive my vehicle down there. I walk outside with the parts handed to me by the shop, manager for my mac repairs.  Before I left he asked me, do you need help with your work orders…. I looked at him kinda smiled, and thought to myself. “I don’t work like others you know.” I then said no and walked out to the bmw chugging along outside waiting on me to jam out on my way to the tate parking deck.  The GirlTalk album (remixs of popular songs into a single flowing song) was still playing and ever since the stereo overhaul in the car its listening bliss sitting in there. I drove to the deck and that is when I received the phonecall.  My phone pronounced the name quite clearly. “Incoming call from Matt Majors.” I looked at it picked it up.

Me: what…..
Matt: I think you are about to hate me.
Me: what makes u think im about to? I think I already do!
Matt: oh yea about that the van is in south deck, and I have the keys.
Me: lovely, just bring it to me around lunch…

We concluded our conversation and I ended the call on my car stereo. Yes BMW now has phone integration along with usb thumb drive capabilities!!! Woooo! I walked up the stairs of the deck to tate plaza, it wasn’t to crazy yet so I continued to walk to my workspace in the back of the bookstore. I was early 20 minutes early, it was nice and quiet. I began by replacing a battery in a macbook pro of whom belongs to a girl that saw me at my dance marathon event on saturday. Amidst this one of the ladies in the back asked me how eBay works, of which I enthusiastically responded to. I had a page worth of work orders and I had them all looked at or completed within the hour… do I need help, I think not!

Melissa, our secretary asked me a question about matt which I answered with I don’t know why don’t you call him. She said she didn’t know his number, but I did so I told her to dial it in the phone. After that conversation ended I looked at her and said, “hey, dial this number” she gave me a puzzled look and asked who it was, which I decieded to keep to myself. We had a small argument regarding calling this mystery number. She eventually succumbed to my peer pressure and dialed the number. “Hey Rami wants to talk to you…. WHO IS THIS?” She says to the person on the other line. This is Justin the person on the other end said. He happened to be in the bulldog cafe so I deciededd to get up and pay him a visit. It was around 12 I had an hour left to work so I was taking a quick break.

We sat down and discussed a few things and got up and left. Walking out of the building we saw a pie throwing booth for relay for life. $2 to hit a dude with a pie. Amongst the standard whip cream cans there were bottles of hot sauce on the table. “Toppings an additional dollar a girl tells us.” We look strangely at them and realize the guy is wearing glasses. We introduce the idea of possibly removing the glasses and then we will donate, but that idea didn’t fly to well, besides I just donated $100 to the uga miracle foundation, im good on donations for the year.

We walked to the breezeway on the 2nd floor of the slc where we met a few people. We spoke some more. I was watching my watch to make sure I would relieve Melissa at 12:10 but for some reason she is standing across from me at 12:08. “Did you leave your post prematurely,” I asked. She said no and that derrick was there. We concluded our meeting and I said hello to other passerbyers that I knew and returned to work.

Last hour I performed a few more tasks and tried to figure lpgistics for getting an os installed on a unibody macbook.  I left derrick around one got my car out of the deck and went for a brief jaunt in my car. I drove to cross creek to examine my motorcyle. It seems to be pieced together for the most part sans turn signals and a few other parts. I look at it and drive off listening to music! I get to my house and realize I have to clean the trunk and back seat of the car. I also needed to sort out all of my tools since I hadn’t put them back since my last car surgery.  This landed me the opportunity to reorganize all my tools in my bag, which seems to be showing its age 😦 .  After that I went to the bicycle shop to pick up a new rim to replace my warped broken one on my panasonic road bike. After picking it up I realized the bearings in the wheel hub weren’t greased very well. I thought to myself, where do I get some moly grease at right now??? I called Randy at the office and he had a whole tube of the stuff. I disassembled the whole wheel hub and loaded it with grease. Ahhhh the smoothness of a well lubed shaft. Its strange that this wasn’t done at the bike shop. I put it on my bike and now the braking action is smooth, but since the rubber is so old on the pads it fails at slowing the bike effectively, at some point today I need to go pick up new brake pads.

I received a text asking if someone could park in front of my house for the baseball game which I agreed to! As long as they stopped and said hello. It was the first baseball game of the season and I believe it was against furman university.  I could here the crowd from my house and could see bits of the game from my deck. After the bike was done and I pumped the new tire with air from my air compressor I went inside to make a shopping list. I pulled out the iPad and then thought wait I have a bluetooth keyboard I can link to this… I did it and I began typing my list on my now mini computer system. I was also using a laptop to print coupons for items. I then get another text that says dinner will be ready at 730. Hell yea I thought free food this store trip can wait.  Matt eventually comes by and we go to melissa, lindsey, and kims house to go eat dinner and watch tv.  I think I found a new interesting show, how I met your mother.

I eventually fell asleep for 30 minutea and then we rode back to my house with my newly acquired sock monkey! We then watched some more tv with the neighbors and I then went to bed in my clothes watching tv. I awoke the next morning around 630. I turned on my heater and went back to bed. I woke a few more times but decieded 9 would be the time I actually went out and about. I biked to class and found out it was a review day for my sensation and perception test. Wooo

Anyway that catches me up to where I am now, in my philosophy of mind class! I am also awaiting the stereo system I ordered for my motorcycle. I just can’t go without tunes can I haha.