Where did my day go?

Posted: February 24, 2011 in The Day in the Life of a Professional Student

So on wednesday I did my usual thing, I had my alarm set to 730 and for a change I actually woke up instead of hitting snooze and promptly took a shower before work. Even with that time allotment I still walked in a few minutes late. Who really notices these things anyway? I walked into my office expecting to start yet another run of the mill day, but I was silly to assume such a thing. As I surveyed the office I noticed something was amiss… where were my vehicle keys… where is the cash box… where is the van???? These were the questions that plauged me.  I looked at my phone and thought… Matt Majors, what did you do!! I tried to call him, but got exactly what I thought would happen, his voicemail. Great I thought looks like I will just drive my vehicle down there. I walk outside with the parts handed to me by the shop, manager for my mac repairs.  Before I left he asked me, do you need help with your work orders…. I looked at him kinda smiled, and thought to myself. “I don’t work like others you know.” I then said no and walked out to the bmw chugging along outside waiting on me to jam out on my way to the tate parking deck.  The GirlTalk album (remixs of popular songs into a single flowing song) was still playing and ever since the stereo overhaul in the car its listening bliss sitting in there. I drove to the deck and that is when I received the phonecall.  My phone pronounced the name quite clearly. “Incoming call from Matt Majors.” I looked at it picked it up.

Me: what…..
Matt: I think you are about to hate me.
Me: what makes u think im about to? I think I already do!
Matt: oh yea about that the van is in south deck, and I have the keys.
Me: lovely, just bring it to me around lunch…

We concluded our conversation and I ended the call on my car stereo. Yes BMW now has phone integration along with usb thumb drive capabilities!!! Woooo! I walked up the stairs of the deck to tate plaza, it wasn’t to crazy yet so I continued to walk to my workspace in the back of the bookstore. I was early 20 minutes early, it was nice and quiet. I began by replacing a battery in a macbook pro of whom belongs to a girl that saw me at my dance marathon event on saturday. Amidst this one of the ladies in the back asked me how eBay works, of which I enthusiastically responded to. I had a page worth of work orders and I had them all looked at or completed within the hour… do I need help, I think not!

Melissa, our secretary asked me a question about matt which I answered with I don’t know why don’t you call him. She said she didn’t know his number, but I did so I told her to dial it in the phone. After that conversation ended I looked at her and said, “hey, dial this number” she gave me a puzzled look and asked who it was, which I decieded to keep to myself. We had a small argument regarding calling this mystery number. She eventually succumbed to my peer pressure and dialed the number. “Hey Rami wants to talk to you…. WHO IS THIS?” She says to the person on the other line. This is Justin the person on the other end said. He happened to be in the bulldog cafe so I deciededd to get up and pay him a visit. It was around 12 I had an hour left to work so I was taking a quick break.

We sat down and discussed a few things and got up and left. Walking out of the building we saw a pie throwing booth for relay for life. $2 to hit a dude with a pie. Amongst the standard whip cream cans there were bottles of hot sauce on the table. “Toppings an additional dollar a girl tells us.” We look strangely at them and realize the guy is wearing glasses. We introduce the idea of possibly removing the glasses and then we will donate, but that idea didn’t fly to well, besides I just donated $100 to the uga miracle foundation, im good on donations for the year.

We walked to the breezeway on the 2nd floor of the slc where we met a few people. We spoke some more. I was watching my watch to make sure I would relieve Melissa at 12:10 but for some reason she is standing across from me at 12:08. “Did you leave your post prematurely,” I asked. She said no and that derrick was there. We concluded our meeting and I said hello to other passerbyers that I knew and returned to work.

Last hour I performed a few more tasks and tried to figure lpgistics for getting an os installed on a unibody macbook.  I left derrick around one got my car out of the deck and went for a brief jaunt in my car. I drove to cross creek to examine my motorcyle. It seems to be pieced together for the most part sans turn signals and a few other parts. I look at it and drive off listening to music! I get to my house and realize I have to clean the trunk and back seat of the car. I also needed to sort out all of my tools since I hadn’t put them back since my last car surgery.  This landed me the opportunity to reorganize all my tools in my bag, which seems to be showing its age 😦 .  After that I went to the bicycle shop to pick up a new rim to replace my warped broken one on my panasonic road bike. After picking it up I realized the bearings in the wheel hub weren’t greased very well. I thought to myself, where do I get some moly grease at right now??? I called Randy at the office and he had a whole tube of the stuff. I disassembled the whole wheel hub and loaded it with grease. Ahhhh the smoothness of a well lubed shaft. Its strange that this wasn’t done at the bike shop. I put it on my bike and now the braking action is smooth, but since the rubber is so old on the pads it fails at slowing the bike effectively, at some point today I need to go pick up new brake pads.

I received a text asking if someone could park in front of my house for the baseball game which I agreed to! As long as they stopped and said hello. It was the first baseball game of the season and I believe it was against furman university.  I could here the crowd from my house and could see bits of the game from my deck. After the bike was done and I pumped the new tire with air from my air compressor I went inside to make a shopping list. I pulled out the iPad and then thought wait I have a bluetooth keyboard I can link to this… I did it and I began typing my list on my now mini computer system. I was also using a laptop to print coupons for items. I then get another text that says dinner will be ready at 730. Hell yea I thought free food this store trip can wait.  Matt eventually comes by and we go to melissa, lindsey, and kims house to go eat dinner and watch tv.  I think I found a new interesting show, how I met your mother.

I eventually fell asleep for 30 minutea and then we rode back to my house with my newly acquired sock monkey! We then watched some more tv with the neighbors and I then went to bed in my clothes watching tv. I awoke the next morning around 630. I turned on my heater and went back to bed. I woke a few more times but decieded 9 would be the time I actually went out and about. I biked to class and found out it was a review day for my sensation and perception test. Wooo

Anyway that catches me up to where I am now, in my philosophy of mind class! I am also awaiting the stereo system I ordered for my motorcycle. I just can’t go without tunes can I haha.

  1. Jasmine El-Jourbagy says:

    Yo, hook me up with an iPod system for the Mazda 🙂

    I love your blog btw you write very well 🙂

  2. Rami says:

    I would like to add the motorcycle will have speaker phone capabilities along with a way to connect the ipod too!

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