Why am I still awake?

Posted: February 25, 2011 in The Day in the Life of a Professional Student

So after my philosophy class which I had managed to write a majority of my post from this morning, I walked outside and to my surprise there were lots of children playing on the front lawn.   It was like an elementary school was having a field trip or something of the sorts.  I slowly rolled by them on my bicycle closely examining them wondering what was going through their heads, and how they were perceiving us college students. Have they been exposed to pop culture and what goes on in places like UGA? Oh well I realized I needed to get to my next class quickly and after performing a quick brake adjustment on my bike I set off only to find out the brake pads are beyond safe use as I unfortunately found out going down a steep hill thank goodness it wasn’t to busy…

I dismounted the bike and continued on foot.  Being careful not to take up a crazy amount of sidewalk.  Besides being on foot and going slower allowed me to take in more of the spring sights and that I was perfectly ok with :D.  I get to the cross walk across from the PJ and LeConte hall.  I start walking across and this guy in an Acura doesn’t really look like he wants to stop. I oush my bicycle in front of him hoping he stopped which he did after hitting the brakes rather hard.  I give him a neutral expression and walk off shaking my head and laughing.  I’m not so sure he liked that very much but what did I care that guy needs to learn to stop at crosswalks.  I set my bike in the bike rack(earlier I ran up the stairs to north campus with that bike on my back, i’m getting a workout!!!) without a lock… go figure I keep forgetting to grab my bike lock from work, oh well.  I head to my new media class ready to get caught back up.  I sit down and have my polite convo with the teacher and begin work by pulling out my headphones and setting a Pandora radio station.  More wordpress creations here I come!!! I designed another wordpress site, but it is being hosted on my Dream Host server with the university.

After the class, I still hadn’t quite caught up, but hey what is the weekend for right? Haha… yea maybe it isn’t school work! I digress, I then went into the hall way to grab a table to study for my spanish oral exam.  The table I sat at my spanish teacher from the first day of this semester was there, we looked at each other for moment before I told him who I was. He said I had looked familiar and then he went upstairs to go teach.  I sat at the table and texted my partner for the exam and told him where I was.  I all this time kept doing everything except really studying…. it was probably not for the best.  When Michael finally arrived we started looking at the scenarios and coming up with a basic script for what we were gonna say. We ended up talking about my VW and we were the 2nd group signed up for the exam.  Oh well we thought, lets get this over with.  Thankfully when we pulled a topic it was one we both were pretty confident about.  We had to pretend we had just met and ask questions about what highschool was like and about our hometowns.  After this was said and done with she paused and said I have a few corrections for you guys and she promptly told us and then she said, “you both managed to have constant conversation, 95!” My jaw dropped, HELLLLLLL YEA I thought this is gangsta after the teacher walked into the class I jumped up and exclaimed this joyfully, my partner laughed and a girl looking out the window of the class laughed also.  It felt good.

We weren’t supposed to leave the class early but rather read, and I figured hell I’m just gonna go to work for a bit.  So I left and went to the bookstore to see what kinda things I had there to work on. I didn’t have much and left earlier than expected. On my way back to the TEC Services Shop I saw in front of snelling this girl and she was yelling at someone on her iPhone.  Bad breakup I thought…. Oh well life’s a bitch, you’ll figure something out. I continued down to the shop remembering I left my 15mm wrench on a desk in the back when I was working on greasing my bike wheel.  I grabbed it clocked out and promptly biked home.

I get to the house and as I had seen earlier on my phone through the amazon app, that my package had been delivered.  I loaded it in the car and took off. WOOOO motorcycle radio I went right over to my bike put it together quickly and was rather impressed with it’s performance, much better than I had thought.  After this Daniel and I went to Justins to go chill for a minute. They weren’t there when we got there so we waited on Justin’s deck.  They then arrived car by car. Jeremey, CJ, and Justin.  Jeremy, Justin’s brother, had to have surgery on his hand that day and they were just getting back from getting the vehicles from the hospital.  We hungout for a bit and then Daniel and I went Waffle House bound where we ordered wayyy to much food. Pancakes, grits, hasbrowns, eggs, toast, bacon…. wayyyy to much.  Ugh after this we went to see if DQ was open which it was not…. I then said dude I gotta have ice cream and drove to McDonalds to get a McFlurry! Mmmmm Oreo mcflurry delish!

I then went back to my house where I found Matt and Melissa in my driveway. “Well hey guys what’s up?” They got out of car and we hung out for a bit they even had Justin’s dog Mrs. Bostons.  Justin then came over and then people started parting ways and so did the neighbors they left the house in typical lets go get drunk woohoo manner it was pretty entertaining.  Justin and I eventually went out and went to a few bars where I ran into some new friends I had made last semester.  After all this I find myself back at my house writing.  But not after I had spoken to Justin about what was going on in our lives.  Then it was time for a quick convience store visit. I wanted spicy cheetos but a bag of proper proportions was not availabe I was angry and settled on hot fries, and fruit snacks….  and now ladies and gentlemen… it’s bed time…. zzzzzzzzzz

  1. natalie says:

    funny Rami what is super important is a late night snack. for me it was zonking out around 10pm last night. steven made me a delicious salmon, asparagus with salad for dinner. he played resident evil 2 while i crawled myself into bed. i’m feeling super better this morning. this cold – BE GONE. keep writing…

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