Posted: February 27, 2011 in The Day in the Life of a Professional Student

Here is a brief outline of my weekend

“Dude, shit’s bout to get done…. I’m drunk.” — Man working on car.


Finished Work

Left and came to house to change

Changed looked up bmws in junkyard

Left for atl in bmw, left volvo in deck on campus because i wanted to walk due to gorgeous day

Left for atl went to pull -a- part junkyard east for blower motor then south for bumper and found a hubcap and original bmw book

Went to see hasham, worked on his car o2 sensors, blahhh, called urf he was in atl partied with him, went back to athens at 4 am

got to athens fell asleep woke up to girls on a tour of my house… i hid under the covers

got up cleaned my room a bit took a shower

ate lunch with mark and then i got a phone call from the new xi delta pledges… i forgot our lunch date, rushed over there

had an awesome lunch with both parties

went to get gas and then to brandon’s apt he explained geoff situation to me

went to apt complex office, apparently i know someone everywhere

went to autozone for paint, wellsfargo cash for cookie, walmart and then GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!

Got back to house after dropping brandon and his lil bro off. Matt was waiting on me, we went to his house with joshs truck to get my grill back

Brandon came over and we proceded to work on his car, we found autozone gave us the wrong part.

We waited for his car to cool down and in the process sanded down my new bmw bumper and prepped it for paint.

We got to work promptly after this, eventually Nick, Jess, Ivan, and Stephen came over. They played FIFA in the house

More car work then matt came back with steaks and hummas mmmmmmmm.

MORE work followed by taking a timeout to go eat at Sweet Peppers.

came back more work then a walmart trip for tools

Oh the ppl at walmart.

Came back more work! WOOT

  1. Congrats on the 95 (Spanish oral exam!). Man, you’ve got a lot to say.

  2. natalie says:

    yes you do have a lot to say. i’m agreeing with little sis on that one. xoxox

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