A recap

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I realize I haven’t written something here in a while, I’ve been over loaded with accomplishing time sensitive tasks, such as paying off a no license on person ticket, shipping my old phone back, paying my rent, making sure money is where it needs to be, etc.  Life has been hectic right before spring break, but that’s fine my vacation is coming soon and i’ll be down in Biloxi near the beach and the casinos.  Matt, Justin, CJ, and I believe one of Matt’s friends are going down there too.  I also messaged my friend Amanda G. and apparently she will be down there in the same hotel. How bout that?

For the past few days I have been battling an oncoming cold and so far I think I have been winning.  The symptoms started setting in on Sunday with an ever so slight sore throat.  Which progressed to a massive headache, nasty congestion, coughing, and what felt like a high temperature. I didn’t venture to try my thermometer, but I figured what was the point I know I’m sick.  So I went to Kroger on my way back getting my Volvo’s driver side window retinted.

While the window was getting redone due to a slight blemish that I didn’t like very much, I went to the BMW dealer to get some plastic retaining clips for my rear bumper which I am getting close to reattaching to the car wooooooo!!! I already swapped out the A/C blower motor in the car and now it again has near silent fan operation.  I’ve forgotten what that sounded like in the car.  It is a godsend after the old unit which sounded like the Raptor Pen from the movie Jurassic was removed and thrown across the yard in a triumphant manner.  Of course prior to this being done I compared the size of the replacement unit ($20 from junkyard or $200 new) to the Raptor Unit. They matched and away the old one went, only to be retrieved later to be set on my cart to be examined for some other future purpose.

Back to my walking adventure. I went and visited Mary-Kerstin by the volleyball courts of her apartment complex and played with her dog a bit.  There was this older gentleman watching us play with the dog. MK told me he was a bit creepy and I reluctantly agreed only to find out 5 minutes later it was the father of my friend Greg who I saw across the complex walking towards his father. Odd huh!?

Anyway, MK and I hung out for a bit longer until Rusty the hired hand at the tint place called.  She drove me to my car and we parted ways.  I then drove to Kroger to get something for my cold I had.  I spoke with the Pharmacist and she suggested I take some Claratin D, along with something to break up the mucus blah blah blahhhh. I also picked up a pack of Airborne pack.  That stuff is supposed to be Super vitamins that should help you feel better faster.  I figured why the hell not try it.  Irfan tried it and he said he felt better a lot faster.  Honestly I have no idea if that was the placebo effect taking it’s toll on him or what, or what scientific research supports the fact that it works.  Whatever the case is it made me feel better after I took it and I am due for another right now, but sadly I left them sitting on my nightstand next to my bed.

At some point after I got that medication I came home to my neighbors grilling pork chops on the grill. Colin, the one cooking them, offered me one which I graciously accepted from him.  When they were done I actually put some toast and spicy gouda cheese slices on the grill and made a sandwich. Colin saw this and opted to take the sandwich route as well.  Job well done I say! After consuming the sandwich I thought it would be best to take a nap in my work clothes.  Webster the dog decided he wanted to hangout and fell asleep next to me also.  I awoke to people talking in my house and I saw that Stephen came over and was chit-chatting with Josh and Beth in the kitchen. He was on his way to Ramsey to go workout.

After he left I got a phone call from Daniel, apparently he wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts super bad and he was on his way to get me.  I then called Brandon and asked if he would like to come with us, which he agreed to.  We then drove all over Athens and finally arrived at the KK across from the mall. Upon exiting the vehicle I looked at Poncho and we all though it, he can be the honorary Jason for the night. Inside there was a rather young attractive white girl working along with the Krispy Kreme battle hardened employees.  I thought this was funny and I made her laugh with my non traditional way of thanking people for giving me a drink.  We each ordered a dozen donuts which in retrospect was a rather silly idea, but hell I have breakfast for the morning!!! Hell yea.  When we left I put on my motorcycle helmet with smoked face shield and stared down drivers as we passed them. It was entertaining and it also aided in keeping my head warm too.

We all hung out at my house afterwards for a while, shooting the breeze, and discussing previous Krispy Kreme adventures. I will finish this later!!!


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