Earlier Monday Morning

Posted: March 28, 2011 in The Day in the Life of a Professional Student

Here I sit on the floor of my bedroom from my childhood.  I look around to see not much has changed in here really much since 2006.  Which the more I think about and ponder all the conversations I’ve had with my friends and fellow students about how when they go home they find that their rooms have been stripped and replaced with an office, rec room, or maybe a library. Whatever changes took place in these other homes has yet to happen here. Is it because I come home a lot? Is it because I have very strong feelings attached to the room and it’s present condition? Or is it just my parents have no idea what should be done with the room?  Whatever the reason I’m glad it has retained it’s homeliness over the years.  I am always able to slide back here and reminisce on the days of old, when I used to be in high school and this room, my sanctuary, my place I could be by myself and not worry of the cares of the outside world.  The effect from it has weakened a bit, but it still gives me that sense of security and serenity it has always provided.

Back to my laying on the floor, I am trying to write a philosophy paper, but it is proving a lot more difficult than I wish it would.  I can write a good paper, it’s just about the comprehension of the material.  I just don’t feel if I understand it 100% I will write correctly.  I just can’t deal with the thought of that 1% chance I’m wrong… It’s all or nothing for me thank you!  The music I am listening to is the soundtrack to a game series I used to play on my PlayStation.  If you know me well enough you know the games.  How many of you exist out there??? Hint: the company was a compound word and the second of two words being “soft”.

I keep thinking I just want to get this paper done, but I just don’t want to read all this craziness, I suppose I will be doing it at work then huh.  I probably should write more here, but I think I will slowly bring myself in to the world of dreams, a state of rest, but imaginative and creative thinking.  I hope I will have as adventurous and vivid dreams as I had last night.



  1. natalie says:

    Weird. I was just thinking about that the other day. I no longer have such a place at home but I treasure those times when I got to lounge around in your room.

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