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Posted: March 30, 2011 in The Day in the Life of a Professional Student

See I do write in here it happens sometimes. So going back to my weekend, I decided it would be a lovely idea to chaperone the High School Science Olympiad Team to their state competition in Marietta @ Southern Polytechnic or however or whatever that place is called.  I didn’t think the trip would be all that bad.  I mean seriously how hard is it to actually help out on one of these trips.  These are words I regret saying.  Sure it was a fun trip, but there is a little more to it than just sitting there making sure those children actually do what they need to do.  Not all but some didn’t have the best concepts of time.  I remember I had taken a group to go watch the new SumoBots competition, which if anyone remembers Robot Wars on TechTV from back in the day, it is similar… minus the flame throwers…. Anyhow I had taken this group of kids to go watch so they could get a better understanding of it for possibly next year, or just for the sheer enjoyment of watching homemade robots attempt to push each other out of a square. Once I get there and find a good place to stand…. Ring ring, goes my cellphone…  It’s another student… “I forgot my goggles…. will you get me some?” I’m halfway across campus it’s starting to rain… I have no umbrella. Reluctantly I jog back to our home base and grab some goggles and along the way the phone buzzes again… “Oh yea, and we need calculators too.” UGHHHHHH So I get to the room, and I had been using the speakers in the room to play easy listening music softly, I walk up the stairs and while walking I hear hip-hop music blaring. I’m praying it isn’t coming from our room, but much to my dismay it was.  At this point i’m trying to think of the logic going through the heads of these kids.  You are at a school function, you are surrounded by other teams from different schools, every 5-10 seconds I can hear “bitch, ho, and fuck.” I want to yell and bitch, but instead I just pull that student’s iPod out of the plug hand it back to him and explain how we could potentially get disqualified for that.  Amazingly enough he sincerely apologized for it, which was all I wanted from him.  I then asked him if he had all his stuff done for his event (helicopters) which they were ready, but I guess due to the impromptu concert they had had in the room in my absence they seem to have lost track of time… It’s pouring rain outside, we have a balsa wood and paper helicopter, the event starts in 10 minutes, and the building is a mile away from home base. I said grab your things and come with me now.  I got him and his partners to run through the rain with me.  I didn’t say a word to them except that they should have been their earlier instead of jamming out.  We can do that if we win as a reward. Overall the team performed average.  I didn’t see a lot of motivation to learn the knowledge events in the students. It seemed to me that a lack of studying was present.  Now I’m not saying they didn’t look into it at all, but I know a lot more preparation could have been done for this.  Even when I was a student and did these events people preferred to go out and hangout with friends instead of study the materials that were required of them.  What can you do though.  You can’t force them to do it, they have to want it on their own.

Now for you Trace, they had two sounds of music instruments… A xylephone and a panflute. Wooo yea exciting I know…. Anyway the trip overall was a learning experience for me and those kids as well. Dr. Tyson Harty, and Greg Holder were the other two folks there helping on the trip, + our bus driver miss banks.  12 hours of my life I spent on these students, and I was cool with that.  Like I said i can walk away from this with new knowledge on behavior of highschool students from a more adult perspective. It was interesting.

So on the way home there was an accident on I-75 and I may upload some video footage I shot on my flip cam to show this guy, but this guy probably high out of his mind was riding down the emergency lane in their “hoodrich gangsta cruiser” the semi trucks blocked offthe lanes and were chattering away on their CB’s you could tell since they were all putting half their trucks in the emergency lanes to prevent idiots from using them. This one guy in a truck straight up went off roading and almost flipped it to.  I almost wish he had just to show how patience really is a virtue.

Well, mainly I wanted to rant about this trip right quick and maybe later today I’ll right about my 40 hour awake experience that happened on monday/tuesday!!

  1. natalie says:

    I was the one who actually studied like a mad dog just to win something at Science Olympiad. My favorite event was the Periodic Table one. You bring back good memories Rami. I likey. Keep writing, your sis! xo

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