A Visit from Family

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Adventuring

This is a test post for class, will have more detailed post later.

Right before claiming the baggage. Our first encounter!

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I would also like to add one of my classmates had a roach crawling on him that he hadn’t noticed (he never found it… in class at least) and later I heard him talking to another student and was examining his code. He said, ” I think I have a bug.” I couldn’t help but laugh at this statement and he gave me a puzzling look.


Yesterday I concluded around 1:30 about how my day was going.  My teacher found my hairstyle rather humorous, ha. It was funny looking back at the computer screen to see how much I had actually written for my first entry. Oh well, I got a little carried away I suppose.  I looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was almost time to go and head off to my next class which is my seminar class.  On the way out I spoke with one of my aquaintences from last semster until we part ways in front LeConte hall.  I then called my mother back as I had promised, albeit it was over an hour after the fact.  I strolled up the sidewalk walking up hill to the Visual Arts building (the old home fo the art school before the east campus expansion) for my class. I got in and saw that the teacher who manages the class was yet again out of town.  The speaker was a woman who worked with Atlanta Magazine or something like that.  Not really my cup of tea. I did however politely listen as she told us about herself and what she had done for the company.  We also discussed digital magazines and their content and delivery methods.  At the end they were talking about iPads and the ability to traspose what is on the screen to a projector I went up there to discuss the matter, but the whack know it all mod kept repeating himself about how it can’t be done. “Really,” I thought to myself? It’s my job to know the technology and how it works I sell it for gods sake, you couldn’t have given me more constructive insight? I just walked away then to travel back to the journalism building for my Spanish class. 

Upon arrival to the journalism building I check my IronMan Timex watch I have on my backpack strap, I look at it for a while and decide I guess it’s finally time to switch this back an hour. A little back story on this watch. It was actually thrown at me by a friend joking around.  It didn’t have one of the straps on it, but I stared curiously at the watch and thought hey… I could cut most of the rest of the remaining strap off and attach a keyring to it to attach to a caribeaner (sp) to attach to backpack strap…. Anyway, after a semester of owning this watch I set my clock back the hour it needed to be set back and climb up the stairs to the 5th floor.  I then look at my watch again and realize class hasn’t let out yet. As I am halfway up the steps to the 5th floor. I turn around and walk back to the 4th floor which is home to the UGA New Media Department.  I find a nice couch in the lobby to sit down at and try to find some magazine subscriptions to download to my iPad. Wired Magazine and Martha Stewart Living…. Hey I heard the content delivery method of Martha Stewart was pretty sweet so I had to check it out first hand.  From this little experiment though I found out that downloading a magazine on the University’s busy network was very time consuming, my Wired magazine that I tried to donwload cancelled out 3 times.  I was growing a bit tired of the internet issue and just closed the magazines and started reading some CNN articles on the iPad instead. I then realized I had 10 minutes to be in my class upstairs so with my headphones and watching my videos/reading stories I walked to the stairwell at the westend of the building.  Here I was almost mauled by an Asian girl but thanks to quick actions on both our parts the situation was averted. We apologized to one another and carried on our way. Up the stairs I climbed looking around and noticed how eeriely empty the stairwell was for the period between classes. I grew a little worried that my clock was wrong so I checked my cellphone to confirm the time. I had it right on the dot. I was beginning to fear at this point that I missed an email saying classes had been canceled, but when I walked in the room there were a couple of other people there.  Setting my iPad on my desk I continued watching the news until my Spanish teacher walked in 5 minutes late.

My teacher, Ida Day is a native I believe of Poland and a Grad teaching assistent at UGA. She lives in Greenville, SC which after looking up was a lot closer than I had originally thought.  Before we began class she asked us to turn in our spanish compositions that were due. They were originally supposed to be written in class, but by the good graces of God it snowed the first week of classes pushing everything back which has given us a lot of opportunities for take home assignments that would have otherwise been in class assignments. If only this had been my last semester…. Damn C minuses…. We sat in class and the teacher was doing an oral lesson. She looked at me and smiled. “Rami, En su opinión ¿cuál es la mejor religión?” She says, I looked shocked at her and simply said, “No se.” I don’t care what language it is, I just don’t like to answer questions like that. She gave me a puzzled look and said just say a religion it doesn’t have to be true, but me being logical said it mattered to me. She moved along to the next person and we did all our lessons until class was over. 

Freedom I thought to myself. I looked at Michael sitting next to me. We had been staring the clock down on the wall for the past hour.. praying.. .wishing… it would tick faster and class be released. At one point it became a game to see if we could distract one another and get each other to look at the clock. It actually made class flow by faster.  Walking down the stairs back to the 3rd floor I told I was parked in North Deck and wasn’t able to walk and talk.  At this point I pull out my headphones and phone and look at them. Music I think. I then power up my phone, 1 missed call it tells me. Irfan “Urf” Quadeer it says, I think whether I want to use my earbuds or actually hold my phone to my ear. I elect holding the phone since the Apple earbuds I was using don’t quite interface properly with the droid.  He and I start talking about motorcycles and how he had won anothe $140 today by playing lottery stuff at his store.  We then get into a discussion about what kind of bike we should get him. I told him, “look urf, this is going to be your first bike. What the hell does it matter if it looks cool or sporty, we aren’t worried about that. I want you to grasp the concept as I did on a cheap shitty bike that you don’t care about so if we ruin it no big deal.” He slowly unwillingly agreed to what I had said. We then spoke about my cousin coming to visit this weekend, how I had to work, and how he too was coming to Athens for India Night.

I get in my car and start it up and tell Irfan to hold on for a moment while I interface my car to my phone so I can speak with over ther stereo. We resume our conversation and I drive out of the deck and start headed home. As I pass by the Arch, the symbol of the University, I see a guy dressed in a flourescent pink gorilla costume… I had no idea what that was about and continued driving. Irfan and I concluded out conversation.  I drove down the busy streets of Athens dodging both cars and braindead pedestrians.  I arrive at my house and see Justin’s car in the driveway and figure I should call him and see if he needs to be picked up. Sure enough he was walking back from class and was in front of snelling dining hall so I hop on over that way.  At the instersection in front of the Colliseum a woman almost pulled her car into the path of mine. She never even looked.. .I just pulsed on my horn the whole way through and she finally noticed. How can one be so blind I thought, the glare wasn’t even bad. I picked up Justin and took him to the baxter street bookstore.  We got a book for his Cog Psych class which i had last semester which I made  a C- in which might intitle me to… retake the course… Anyway after that adventure we headed back to my house where we stood on the porch then on the roof of my garage where I have a futon mattress laying. We just sat on that and conversed about how and where we were in our lives, what we wanted to do and how some people are effecting our lives.  After a while we ended up getting down to check our phones and I started cooking dinner.

Cornbeef brisket, yellow rice, and salad was on the menu! I used my neighbors grill since Matt still had mine. I ended up cooking way to much food and gave some to the neighbors, Colin Huff and Matt Carol. They loved the dishes and were rather grateful. I figured since I was using their grill it was the least I could do. After that I watched Star Trek in my living room and then they came back over and Matt Majors came over and we watched the movie. After it ended the neighbors went to DQ, matt left and josh came home. At this point I was feeling pretty tired, but then Curtis called and said hey are we getting together to write this paper or what. He then eventually came from his job at mellow mushroom and we got some paper research down and took a walk outside in the process to wake ourselves back up. I eventuually fell asleep breifly at the dining room table. Then went to my room.

Sorry the details got scarce towards the end but hey if questions arise comment haha!

I awoke this morning around 7:21 after failing miserably at working on my webpage.  I looked at the clock and thought to myself, “thank goodness I had the vast majority of the assignment completed.” I lazily spun around in bed to look at my laptop sitting next to me. The power cable was disconnected and laying right next to it. “Hmmm,” I thought, “had this just happened or did I do this in my sleep?” I scrambled to plug it back in, but it had been to late my battery had died, but it’s times like this I think, good thing I have a Mac! I just pushed the power button and the computer awoke from it’s hibernated state my webpage still in plain view. At this point I turned on NBC on my tv to watch while I work on my webpage. Ambient noise is something I like to have to keep me awake, I tend to fall asleep a lot faster when it isn’t present.  I finished up the website and went through it.  I believe there is even still a mistake on one of the pages, but I will leave that for the professor to find 🙂 .  As I was getting ready for the day I realized shit I have no time to take a shower but I have no time…. Solution? Baby powder! I put some in my hair and voila ready to take on the day.  I just caught Obama on tv as I was leaving telling reporters, (this is my paraphrasing) “Why are you all so impatient, so if something doesn’t have an immediate effect it doesn’t work? I have been being told this for two years and everyone is so impatient. The Revolution in Egypt didn’t take a day, it lasted 3 weeks and we saw how drastic that was.”

People are impatient I thought to myself we really are, we live in a society where information is instantaneous and people expect everything to be given to them the moment they ask.  It’s this misconception that people have that causes this impatience.  People believe that computers handle a lot of responsibilities and the fact that they do makes them believe that everything that is attached to them can deliver similar results. I too suffer from this delusion that everything should be instantaneous and I find myself getting angry when I have to wait on something, I guess I just need to realize that waiting is just a part of life and to deal with it in a less aggressive manner.

I then left my house to go pay the water bill. I pulled out in my bumperless BMW driving rather spirited and listened to the new “Girl Talk” Album all the way there.  I walked in the office and asked the woman behind the counter how she was doing. Of course I got the typical response a stranger woudl give to another…. “fine,” she had said.  I then told her how my night and morning had gone and she responded to me with, “wait till you hit the real world.” I chuckled at this and looked at her behind her glass window and thought to myself that I am in the real world.  I pay my bills I work two jobs and am a full time student at the University.

Still thinking about our conversation, I walked out to the car and took my time leaving observing the beautiful weather outside. I then drove to the north deck parking deck and got in with my ATP pass that I had used for the first time ever. I walked out of the car thinking I should have taken my sweater off, but I trudged along to the main library to go buy myself a turkey BLT sandwich mmmmmm.

I got to the library and had a conversation with the cashier upon checkout about the weather and how we both wanted to be out in it vs inside buildings working/schooling blehhhhh. I then stood on the steps of the main library and looked at the green area in front of it, then the law school, then peabody hall, new college, the large trees with no leaves and the blue sky with it’s high atmosphere clouds. It was beautiful. I then spotted this guy sitting on a bench who from a distance looked like my friend Curtis, but I wasn’t sure. I slowly approached, but keeping my distance and finally realized it wasn’t him. I then stood where I was, glancing at the sky again. Then I saw one of the summer ’10 orientation leaders, Tim Feliz and we had a brief conversation about how someone wrote on his facebook wall.

Here is the back story, like every other morning I check my feed on Facebook and this morning one of the other OL’s wrote on his wall saying how he never checks Facebook and that they wanted him to have an awesome day and that they loved them. I relayed this message to him and he thought it was rather humorous that I was able to tell him that.

Anyway we spoke about our last few university assignments before graduating and parted ways. Headed slowly to the Journalism building I was enjoying the wind blowing through my hair and the sun shining. It felt incredible.  I then took my Apple hoodie off and pulled my Coca Cola out of my back pack to drink. I realized I was 20 minutes early to my new media class. I opened up my laptop and the last thing I was looking at was my bank statement, which promptly reminded me to deposit the check josh had written me. I walk down to the ATM @ Tate to make a deposit and saw my friend Kate Massey making a deposit, but me being me and loving to see if people notice you standing within their vicinity didn’t say a word to her, except the fact I called her name twice but she didn’t hear it oddly enough.

Anyway my turn for the ATM eventually came up and I made my deposits and walked back to the Journalism building.  I then called Mom to talk to her about how awesome the weather was. Mid conversation my friend Mary-Kerstin walked by and I ended my call with mom. (I love you mom. Bye!) MK and I spoke about the panel discussion she was hosting tomorrow, the many uses of baby powder, and how she was going to eat before class.

We then parted ways and I walked up to my new media class where I have now been sitting writing this story for the past 30 minutes when I probably should have been making more posts than this. Anyway it’s a beautiful day today and I’m hoping I can enjoy it even more!!!